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Self Heating Jacket

Self Heating Jacket

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What Are The Heating Modes?

Blue light - 25°C

White light - 35°C

Red light - 45°C

Is It Machine Washable?

Yes of course you can machine wash the Blaze Self-Heating Jacket

1. Remove battery pack.

2. Push power cord completely into batter pocket and fasten closed.

3. Machine wash, Gentle cycle with warm water. Do not use any bleach, do not dry clean, do not wring or twist

4. Tumble dry on low heat, do not iron

How Does It Fit? (Important)

Our Self-Heating jacket was designed to be unisex so we recommend staying true to size or up by one for women and going up by 2-3 sizes if you're a man

Can The Heating System Be Dangerous?

No, there are no dangers! Although some people worry about wearing gloves that use battery powered heaters, there is no need to worry. The temperatures that these gloves can reach are limited and the materials chosen are of the highest quality possible.

Since there is no live circuit in the jacket, you have nothing to worry about. The voltage of the batteries is low, so they are not dangerous.

Our heated jacket can heat up to 45℃ to keep you warm for all your outdoor activities this upcoming winter season. With our 1-minute fast heating feature, we can dispel the cold and get you feeling cozy FAST!


Easy To Use

Simply hold down the power button until it turns on and then press for your suited temperature

Long lasting battery, Long lasting fun!

Our self heating jacket allows you to benefit of more than 8 hours of warmth. Simply charge it overnight, and you're set for the entire day

Instant Pain Relief

The Blaze Self Heating Jacket provides numerous benefits, including a thoughtful approach to your well-being by soothing specific discomforts like rheumatism, backaches, and muscle pains through its heat zones.



The Blaze Heated Jacket comes with a portable charger so you can charge your phone while benefiting from it's warmth

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Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
Gerard Mann

I had asked for another for my wife and perfect, but this one is aesthetically not very good, compared to the other. I put photos

Sammy Abbott

It warms, but for some reason it seems to me that 13 heating elements are not close. I will buy a pyrometer-I will know for sure)).
And so a normal vest

Kaleigh Kozey

Well received test at the top.
I bought without battery because I already have a large battery

Zoie Zboncak

Size ok , 5xl for 1.88m and 95kg, more than plug in a battery disappointed and try

Lonny Orn

Warms nice.